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Our Products / CO2 LASER LARGE SIZE 250x160 (FLATBED)
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Laser Model   AYKA  FLATBED  250x160
Laser Type Co2 Laser Large Size (Flatbed)
Laser Tube Type Co2 Glass Tube
Laser Power 100 w- 200w
Control System Dsp (High-Speed Usb Transfer)
Work Area 250cmx160cm
Sensitivity < 0.01 mm
Operation Temperature 0 °C – 45°C
Resolution Standart  model 500 DPI , Advanced model 1200 DPI
Motion System Step Motor (Servo Motor System can  be installed ,  optionally )
Cooling System Water Chiller CW 5000- CW5200- CW6000
Operating Voltage AC220V ±5% ,  50/60Hz
Supported Formats CorelDraw, X2 thru X4,  AutoCADAI,  DXF,  PLT,  DST,  DSB,  BMP,  GIF,  JPG,  PNG,  MNG,  ICO CUR,  TIF,  TGA,  PCX,  JBG,  JP2,  JPC,  PGX,  RAS,  PNM,  SKA,  RAW  
Operating System Software Windows Xp,Windows 7, Windows 8
Applicable Materials: Wood, Plexi Glass,  Paper , Rubber, Melamin,  Fiberglass, Natural Coating, Mushroom, Tile, Leather, Fabric, Denim, Bamboo, Mdf, etc.
Applicable Industries: Advertising, Garment, Embroider, Fabric, Toy, Furniture, Reticule, Glove, Leather, Decoration, Gifts, Model, Electric Product, Rubber, Acrylic product, Bamboo,  pressing and packaging industries ,  Middle Density Fiber Board(MDF)and Non metal sheet precision cutting.

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