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Yerli Lazer Kesim Makinası 100x80 cm
Yerli Lazer Kesim Makinası 100x80 cm
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AYKA Laser Machinery and Spare Parts was established by Mr.Kazım YILMAZ as Laser Spare Parts Company in 2000. It has stepped quickly into the sector as a spare parts company which is the first one as well as the one with the highest amount of stock in Turkey. It started to import laser machines in subsequent years. Our company who is willing to continue its way by producing its own machine, has become one of the leading Laser Machine manufacturing company in the sector by starting to manufacture laser machines in 2010.

It provides the best quality and advanced technology service to its users by grounding on efficient work with its qualified team since it was established. Its name  has become well-known, with its high-quality products and the unlimited services in laser industry, mainly in Turkey but also worldwide and it continues to progress by increasing its success gradually  with each passing day.

You invest in future by purchasing the products of AYKA Laser Machinery and Spare Parts. Our principle is to provide the best possible service to you, our valuable customers, through    its quality, advanced and innovative technology, reasonable prices, 24/7 access to pre-sales and after-sales technical support all over the world, machine operating trainings.


Our vision is to be the leading company with our strong financial structure and professional staff in Turkish machinery manufacturing industry.

Our Values

  • Working by creating value

  • Customer orientation

  • To be honest, reliable, respectful of the ethical values and environment

  • Continuous improvement

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Be target-oriented and competitive

Service Areas

  • Consulting Services

  • Necessary information in the pre-production and post-production phases.

  • Solving the most complex problems which may occur in the production section

  • Enhancing the quality and providing practical solutions.


AYKA machinery is a service company which is value creating, open for improvement, creative and reliable in machinery manufacturing and laser machines industry.

"Good" has never been an adequate level for us, we always discovered the ways of being better. We realized through our self discoveries that our main feature differs us from the others is that we built up a system which is imitated. We have competed with nobody but ourselves. We have adopted the approach that winning is not based on materiality but being enshrined in people's heart. We have chosen to be a family together with our employees. This family has adopted achieving the best in all business processes as a principle. We experience the pride and pleasure of keeping our presence always at the top by maintaining, strengthening, expanding our identity created in line with the common interests of all of our affiliates we cooperate with, our customers, and our employees.
Technical Support and Services

Accelerating the production and repairing the breakdowns by troubleshooting and putting the inadequate apparatus into operation. 

Machine Overhaul

Your machines which are out of usage or operating inefficiently are revised according technology adaptation.

Factory System Setup

Well-planned, designed by production capacity, economic, turnkey factory systems are built.
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